Friday, November 7, 2008

Federalism an option

Obama's election victory is also a cause for celebration for many Iraqi Kurds, who appreciate Joe Biden's support for federalism in Iraq. A federal system is seen by many Kurds as the answer to managing deep rifts in the multi-ethnic and multi-religious country.

On the topic of federalism, the Kurdish DTP Party in Turkey recently published a booklet promoting the idea for Turkey:
"The 64-page brochure, titled "Democratic Autonomy Project" and printed in Turkish, English and Kurdish, proposes Turkey be divided into 20 to 25 regions with each region given the power to designate its own symbols and colors." (Hurriyet - English). This is seen as a way to protect Kurdish interests in south-eastern Turkey.
Joost Lagendijk, the co-chairman of the Turkey-EU Joint Parliamentary Commission, said the idea may find supporters in the EU.

The Iraqi Culture House has recently opened in Erbil, with the goal of strengthening ties between different ethnic and cultural groups in Iraq.

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