Thursday, November 26, 2009

new search feature

Like Erbil's various developments, this blog is always under construction.

The newest addition is the Google Search box on the right which will search for anything related to travelling in Iraqi Kurdistan on a number of quality travel blogs, including this one. Try it out, I hope it's helpful!

Monday, November 23, 2009

totten 2007

Not sure if I linked to this Michael Totten article a while back, but I came across it again and it's good.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

articles and news galore

Portuguese traveller João Leitão has posted some very detailed info about his recent trip to Iraqi Kurdistan, including info on various places I've never been to.

A blog post on Suli (at The Talibatan) with details of the study and research program of the American University of Iraq- Sulaimani, which incidentally, looks like a great uni.

Tourism slowly returns to Iraq, says America's ABC News.

The Times reported on the chairman of the Iraqi tourist board inviting tourists from the West to visit Iraq.

The Turkish Foreign Minister recently visited Erbil, promising that Turkey would open a consulate there. A large delegation of business leaders accompanied him. Iraqi Kurdish leaders and academics also attended a conference in Istanbul on Turkish/KRG links.

Iraqi politician/twitterer Barham Salih was recently made Prime Minister of the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG). Meanwhile the opposition leader, Nawshirwan Mustafa (leader of the Gorran [Change] list) believes the new government will fail to achieve anything.

Bahrain is planning on investing big money in Kurdistan.

And a general article about visiting the 'stans' of the world.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

An American in Araby - blog

You should check this one out. Short musings over travel in various places around Iraq.

On Kurdistan, see what Nate has to say about

Travelling to Dohuk, and the crazy ride there, shopping in Suli, and a sobering trip to Halabja.

This is probably one of the best blogs I've seen which covers current political and economic issues about present-day Iraqi Kurdistan.

Hikers charged with spying

Those American hikers arrested after apparently accidentally crossing the border into Iran from Iraqi Kurdistan (see my original post here) have now been charged with spying. Shane Bauer, Sarah Shourd and Josh Fattal from the Bay Area in California were arrested in July. Hopefully these guys won't become pawns in the negotiations over Iranian nuclear energy aspirations. More from the BBC here, and for the latest run-down, check Google news.

post-war festival

This last weekend there was an art festival in Sulaymaniyah called post-war festival:

A partnership between ArtRole, UK and Khak Press and Media Centre, Iraq-Kurdistan

A 3-day celebration of Art and Culture in The Red Jail, Saddam Hussein’s security building in the city of Sulaymaniyah will include seminars, talks and a symposium. The festival will introduce and exhibit artwork by Iraqi, British and US artists and host presentations by British arts organisations.

These agencies will present the history of contemporary art in the UK and Europe. Curators from Iran, Turkey, UAE, Palestine, UK, USA and Asia will be invited to attend to offer their perspectives on contemporary art practice and the development of Iraq.

Academics and politicians i.e. directors of universities, colleges and art Institutes, ambassadors, local and international officials will also be invited to contribute. An internationally acclaimed installation, 20:50, by renowned British sculptor Richard Wilson R.A
. will be shown for the first time in the Middle East. the installation will be in place for 3 months. This event will create a unique platform and opportunity for Iraqi and British artists to experience working and exhibiting together. It will provide a highly visible venue for Iraqi people to engage directly with contemporary art. ArtRole will positively encourage young
people and their teachers from schools and colleges across the country to attend
the event.

The website also has a page on the Red Jail and also on Sulaymaniyah itself, which kindly linked to us here.