Tuesday, November 10, 2009

post-war festival

This last weekend there was an art festival in Sulaymaniyah called post-war festival:

A partnership between ArtRole, UK and Khak Press and Media Centre, Iraq-Kurdistan

A 3-day celebration of Art and Culture in The Red Jail, Saddam Hussein’s security building in the city of Sulaymaniyah will include seminars, talks and a symposium. The festival will introduce and exhibit artwork by Iraqi, British and US artists and host presentations by British arts organisations.

These agencies will present the history of contemporary art in the UK and Europe. Curators from Iran, Turkey, UAE, Palestine, UK, USA and Asia will be invited to attend to offer their perspectives on contemporary art practice and the development of Iraq.

Academics and politicians i.e. directors of universities, colleges and art Institutes, ambassadors, local and international officials will also be invited to contribute. An internationally acclaimed installation, 20:50, by renowned British sculptor Richard Wilson R.A
. will be shown for the first time in the Middle East. the installation will be in place for 3 months. This event will create a unique platform and opportunity for Iraqi and British artists to experience working and exhibiting together. It will provide a highly visible venue for Iraqi people to engage directly with contemporary art. ArtRole will positively encourage young
people and their teachers from schools and colleges across the country to attend
the event.

The website also has a page on the Red Jail and also on Sulaymaniyah itself, which kindly linked to us here.

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