Monday, March 5, 2007

about this website, disclaimer

This website is an attempt to provide useful information to travellers who want to travel in Iraqi Kurdistan. There is currently no source with current information collected in the one place. It's a shame, because I found travelling here to be a rich experience. The hospitality and kindness of the Kurds surpasses anything I've come across before.

In Erbil, Lolan Mustafa, who runs the excellent Kurdish Textile Museum, said that when Tony Wheeler visited in April 2006 he promised that Lonely Planet would send a team to write a guide. This has not happened yet, but I believe their 2009 Middle East guide will possibly include more info on Iraqi Kurdistan.


Basically, check on things yourself, and be ready to adapt to change-

Things change a lot in a place like Iraqi Kurdistan. So facts on this website will change. Hence, while I have tried my best to be accurate, I take no responsibility for the accuracy of information on this website. The Thorn Tree Forum's Iraq page is a good place to check with other travellers on recent info.

Also, while Kurdistan is quite safe currently, things could change in that respect. Always keep up on news of violence and politics in Iraq and Kurdistan. You need to understand that it is still a small risk to travel to Iraqi Kurdistan. Always be cautious. There is some crime in the cities of Kurdistan after dark, so be wise about your movements. Also, the Turkish military often intimates that it may cross the border into Iraqi Kurdistan to chase down suspected PKK terrorists. So basically, always keep yourself up to date on current news.


Thanks to the other travellers to Iraqi Kurdistan who have been kind enough to give me extra info on places and sights I didn't get to see. So far this includes George (a.k.a. scubamonkey69) and some unnamed others.


Majax said...

Hello, just to let you know Lonelyplanet's guide to the M.E has a full section on iraq, and most of it on the Kurdistan region!

srourpi said...

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