Tuesday, July 15, 2008


In another sign that Iraqi Kurdistan is open for business and tourism, clothing brand Mango will soon open a store in Erbil. Also, the Slemani (Sulaymaniyah) Museum is working to preserve Kurdistan's heritage.

Soma Digest interviews the Lonely Planet writer who recently visited Iraqi Kurdistan.

France has recently opened a consulate in Erbil as well.

There is still violence between the Turkish military and the PKK, with the most recent incidents being in Turkey's Sirnak province. Meanwhile, three German climbers were last week kidnapped by the PKK while climbing Mt Ararat.

An optimistic writer for the Kurdish Globe compares Sulaymaniyah with Los Angeles, while another article lauds the benefits to Kurdistan of the trade in second-hand clothing. And the region's pro-growth investment law is promoting more foreign investment in Kurdistan.

Lastly, author Andrew Collins has written a book about Kurdistan's role in the birth of civilization.

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