Sunday, October 7, 2007

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A statement from the Kurdistan Regional Government with their take on role of federalism in Iraq (KRG, 7 October 2007)

This is a good overview of the current situation in Iraqi Kurdistan, including a good analysis of Kirkuk:
Security may trump ethnicity in Kirkuk (LA Times, 29 September 2007)

The numbers for September report the fewest deaths in Iraq in over a year. 54% of all deaths were in Baghdad, though, with Diyala and Nineveh (both bordering Iraqi Kurdistan) the next most violent. This does indicate the south of Iraq is relatively safer. Watch this space.
Iraqi deaths fall by 50% (Kurdish Globe, 2 October 2007)

Erbil's Nishtiman mall is the biggest construction project in Kurdistan:
The future of Erbil bazaar is in Nishtiman market (Kurdish Globe, 19 September 2007)

Yet another feature article about the prospects for Iraqi Kurdistan:

Kurdistan: Does independence beckon? (The Economist, September 13, 2007)

And for anyone foolish who is thinking of holidaying in southern Iraq, as I have heard reports of, consider these next articles about the British withdrawal from Basra. All is not peaceful down there. Don't go.

"The departure of UK forces... is likely to precipitate a free-for-all among rival local groupings for control in Iraq's second city.
Fearing Shia chaos in Iraq (The Economist Intelligence Unit, September 5th, 2007)
Last post in Basra (The Economist, September 6th, 2007)

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